Being a part of Zija is extremely rewarding for JoAnne McMahon as she helps people improve their health and their finances.


Moringa transforms 22-year network marketing career

To JoAnne McMahon, Zija is all about giving.

“When I give someone a SuperMix, SmartMix or a protein shake I know what it’s doing to their body,” she says. “From a scientific level, I know they are going to feel the difference and that the overall outcome is going to be positive.”

JoAnne loves giving the products to others, but when a friend introduced her to the products for the first time this network marketing pro approached the situation with some skepticism.

“I’ve been approached over the last 22 years with every weight loss supplement, juice, potion, lotion — everything that you can imagine, and I’ve always declined,” JoAnne says.

The case was different with Zija, and it was all because of Moringa oleifera.

“I couldn’t get my head around the fact that it was one plant with all of this nutrition,” JoAnne said. “I had taken supplements my whole adult life and I never knew a lot of supplements were synthetic. I was taking them because I thought it was the right thing to do.” After she started using Zija products, JoAnne felt something she had never before felt with her supplements — she actually felt better.

She presented the products to her most trusted panel of critics — her closest friends and family members. She was amazed when everyone said they, too, could sense the difference.

“When I started hearing results from the biggest skeptics I know I started getting really excited,” JoAnne says. “Everyone needs to start their day with a SuperMix.” Now JoAnne continues to share the word of Zija knowing she’s not just sharing a product, she’s sharing results.